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Written by Matt Gracey   
Friday, 26 October 2012 08:08

Editor's Note:

Mr. Gracey attended our recent (Tues., Oct. 16, 2012) Healthcare Roundtable Event: Paradigm Shift in Physician Compensation. He was scheduled to make the Closing Remarks at the program's finale but I forgot to include the segment. I wish to extend my sincerest apologies to Matt and thank him for taking the time to reformat his comments into the article that appears below.  

The event was held at Imperial ClubDanna-Gracey and Bay Imaging Group were sponsors.  FHIcommunications appreciates the generous support of the host and sponsors. We could not have done it without you.

We covered lots of ground, from ACOs to quarterbacks, from Toyota production (Deming theories) to Pizza Hut, from Cowboys and Pit crews to the oldest profession. 

It seems like the medical industry is like the early football teams playing street ball on every street, throughout the neighborhoods, in every city, disjointed and just now sitting down to discuss how to:
  • Make real teams (ACOs or patient centered Medical Homes)
  • Debating what the rules might look like
  • Realizing someone/everyone needs to keep score (there is serious need for data; can't manage unless you measure)
  • Understanding that the teams need quarterbacks but now pondering who is going to be the quarterback? (Doctors, hospitals, ACOs, primary care doctors, specialists, government),
  • Who is going to be the ball? (I.e. the system should revolve around which entity? Will it be truly patient centered care or will it be doctor or hospital or government or managed-care centric?)
  • How can we do it less expensively? (Note: we can bend the cost curve, i.e. slow the rate of growth, but we can't really deliver healthcare cheaper)
The Panel consisted of:
  • Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine  
  • James Leavitt, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. 
  • Lanny Pauley, COO, Neuroscience Consultants, a Dade based Neurologic Group Practice   
  • Richard Lucibella, Director, Primus Health Network, LLC and CEO at HealthNet LLC
It was moderated by Michael Casanova, Senior Healthcare Consultant, Strategic Consulting Services

Click HERE to see the Biographies of the Panelists and Moderator.

Here are some great quotes (note- we've included attribution where possible; we use initials for the credits to save space):

"Healthcare is a young industry but an old profession." (BW)

"Quoting Deming: If you concentrate on quality, the costs will go down; if you concentrate on cost, quality goes down." (JL)

"Perfect is the enemy of good."

"We have no healthcare system now."

"We use 'Accountable' care as an adjective not a noun" (JL)

"The low hanging fruit is diabetes, end of life care, oncology and orthopedics."

"Healthcare must move from volume based to value based medicine." (BW)

"We must transition from competitive model to cooperative model."   

"The four C's (collaboration, cooperation, coordination, compromise) are the formula for success in the accountable care era." (MC)

Finally I'd like to add a quote from one of the eminent philosophers of our era, George Carlin:  Change is inevitable....except in vending machines!

FHIcommunications will produce another Healthcare Roundtable event on November 20. The Host is Park Shore Pharmacon. The topic is Examining the Looming Elder Care Crisis.

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