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Sunday, 02 January 2011 17:56


In response to Challenging conservative truisms about HCR by Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD

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First things first; "PolitiFact Lie of the Year" has about as much journalistic credibility as "Pravda Lie of the Year".  PolitiFacts progressive/socialist editorial bias is unbridled and undeniable.

  • Unelected federal government bureaucrats will define up to (possibly fewer than) five plan definitions.  All American citizens will be obligated to purchase one of the plans that the federal government has designed.  Real lie of the year: "You will be able to keep your insurance coverage".
  • As dictated by the federal government, these plans may be sold only on exchanges constructed by State governments, under the criteria designed by federal government bureaucrats.
  • Purportedly free American companies will be prohibited from selling plans of their own design, even if there is strong demand for those designs from purportedly free American citizens.
  • Half of the current uninsured citizens will be enrolled in Medicaid, which will increase those rolls by approximately 50%, thereby dramatically increasing the number and percentage of citizens who are dependent on government run healthcare.  This is in spite of the fact that approximately 50% of primary care physicians' offices today will take no new Medicaid patients, and approximately 30% of primary care physicians' offices will take no Medicaid patients at all.  And, Medicaid is the largest budget item by far in nearly every State in the country, and is breaking the budgets of the majority of States in the country, before the planned 50% increase in enrollment. (Yes, the federal government will pay a disproportionate share of the increased Medicaid expense for a few years.  However the increased expense is permanent, not just for a few years,)
  • Half of the remaining uninsured are young, healthy people who can afford healthcare insurance, but have made the free choice not to purchase it.  They will no longer have that free choice, they will be required by the federal government to purchase this product that they don't want.
  • The other half of the remaining uninsured will be paid for by increased taxation on the 53% of American citizens who actually pay federal income taxes.
  • Federal bureaucrats have been empowered to design reimbursement schemes that they will be able to enforce upon the payors and providers of healthcare services.

Regulating with great specificity and dramatic impact the activities that private companies and citizens are permitted to engage in under penalty of law ("at the point of a gun"), and taking money from some of the citizens to give to those who pay nothing, for the purposes of achieving objectives that a self-appointed elite class has decided is in the best interest of the people, is textbook socialism/fascism, otherwise known as Government Takeover of Healthcare!

James "Jim" Craig


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