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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 20:14

Regarding the Pill Mill Crisis - An editorial in the December 3rd Miami Herald entitled "Tallahassee's pill mills" correctly points out how the Republican dominated legislature voted to delay the implementation of tough new pain clinic regulations.  Subsequently, the unscrupulous clinic operators and drug dealers in white coats, wrongly called "doctors," can continue to churn out prescriptions for powerful painkiller.  The legislators seem to be more concerned with ideological correctness and purity than the somber facts detailed in a recent report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (released June 30th 2010) indicating that an average of seven Floridians per day die from prescription drug overdose!  It appears that our legislators live in a different universe than most of us have to live in. In their world reality has to be adapted to fit political theory.  In their world government regulation can only do harm and never do good. In their world pain clinics are successful businesses contributing to the overall economy and more regulations will drive them away from our state.  They seem to forget that the regulations were carefully crafted by Democrats and Republicans to PROTECT our citizens from those unscrupulous businesses, which contribute to the DEATH of seven Floridians a day!!  Now, the proposed rules must be submitted to the Legislature by Feb. 4 to qualify for consideration.  Those that don't make it would have to wait until the 2012 legislative session.  I am not only outraged by this political checkmate but also deeply concerned about its adverse impact on public health.  This issue is too important to allow politicians to gamble away the lives of Florida's citizen.  We need to return to pragmatism and sound reasoning to address and resolve the problem of prescription drug abuse in Florida.  Ideological grandstanding will only worsen the situation.  We do not have much time left and the clock is ticking.

 -Bernd Wollschlaeger,MD,FAAFP,FASAM 

Regarding Jackson Health System - We haven't yet heard the whole story, I am sure.  Almost daily we read anther provocative headline.  Innocent until proven guilty?  OK.  But where there is smoke there is fire.  If the allegations are true, we are looking at bureaucratic waste of epic proportions and possibly fraud as well.   Is JHS a microcosm of our national financial malaise?  What does the JHS situation foretell as we (seemingly) inexorably evolve toward socialized medicine?

-Name withheld by request