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Written by Michael Sacopulos, JD   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 08:53


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Q:  I am a locum tenens physician licensed in Florida. Am I required to obtain my own permit for certificate of occupancy in the city and county for which I may have temporary employment or am I covered by the physician for whom I am covering?

A:  Good question.  A certificate of occupancy, or as it is sometimes referred to as a zoning permit, assures that the business is allowed in the zoning district where it is located.  A certificate of occupancy is generally required when a building is erected, altered, or the existing building goes through a change of occupant, name, or type of business.  Thus, in your case, temporary employment would not necessitate the obtaining or transferring of a certificate of occupancy. Just to be sure, I contacted officials in several Florida counties.  While each had slightly different rules, all agreed that you would not need a certificate of occupancy.  It is always prudent to contact the county or city zoning department in which the building is located since there are differences in the local zoning requirements throughout Florida. 

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