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Written by Paul Gionfriddo   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:13

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Within days of the Supreme Court's ACA ruling that made the Medicaid expansion optional, the governors of Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, and Louisiana all announced that they wanted to opt out of it

The governors of six other states were considering the same thing.

However they frame their views for the media, they are in fact an attack on two different constituencies.  The first is lower income uninsured families, elders, and single adults, 17 million of whom expected to become insured as a result of the expansion.  The second is safety net providers - nursing homes, hospitals, community health centers, mental health facilities, and others - who need Medicaid dollars to offset the costs of caring for people who have no insurance.

But there could be a very simple way for the federal government to save the Medicaid expansion in those states - and the Supreme Court hinted at it in its majority decision two weeks ago.  This week's Our Health Policy Matters column, Saving the ACA Medicaid Expansion, explains how. 

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