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Three or more eggs a week increase your risk of heart disease and early death, study says Print E-mail
Written by FHI's Week in Review   
Monday, 18 March 2019 16:57
A study published Friday, 3/15/19 in the medical journal JAMA delivers bad news for egg lovers. According the researchers, among 29,615 adults pooled from 6 prospective cohort studies in the United States with a median follow-up of 17.5 years, each additional 300 mg of dietary cholesterol consumed per day was significantly associated with higher risk of incident CVD and all-cause mortality, and each additional half an egg consumed per day was significantly associated with higher risk of incident CVD and all-cause mortality. The researchers adjusted for the fact that egg consumption may be associated with unhealthy behaviors, such as low physical activity, smoking, or an unhealthy diet.
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How HCA defies industry trends with 19 straight quarters of admission gains Print E-mail
Written by Healthcare Dive   
Monday, 18 March 2019 00:00
Samantha Liss reports for Healthcare Dive on 3.13.19:
HCA has been a Wall Street favorite for a while, bucking industry trends with admissions and revenue growth. The Nashville-based chain boasted 19 consecutive quarters of rising admissions in its most recent earnings report, a feat given the volatility some of its competitors have experienced. By contrast,  Community Health Systems and Tenet both reported slumps in patient volume in the most recent quarter. UHS also has seen volume growth but has a much smaller footprint of acute care hospitals. The streak comes as hospital operators face headwinds leaning on patient volumes, including a shift to lower-cost care settings, payer pressures and relative shifts from commercial to government patients. A few key strategies have boosted HCA's continued admissions growth - from picking the right markets to successfully riding the trend to care outside hospital walls, analysts say.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 16:32
CEO and CFO Compensation Trends in the Healthcare Industry Print E-mail
Written by BDO   
Friday, 15 March 2019 16:02
The U.S. healthcare system is comprised of a broad spectrum of organizations that provide an array of services and products, including hospitals, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. And, those organizations are increasingly converging or working together to improve care. Government regulations have a heavy influence on this industry, including the Affordable Care Act, which continues to be a battle ground for Congress and the courts. Other key influencers on the healthcare industry include an aging population, FDA reviews, technology advancements, disposable income and consolidation.
Demand is high for leaders that can both navigate the complexities of government regulations and anticipate what is coming as the industry is redefined. When competing for top leadership talent, Boards want to pay competitively while creating an incentive package that balances performance goals with cautious risk taking. In addition, it is important to ensure that pay decisions can be substantiated to stakeholders.

Last Updated on Friday, 15 March 2019 16:17
The musical note that changed a family’s perspective on dementia Print E-mail
Written by FHInews   
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 17:42
Music is a universal language, it speaks to all of us regardless of age, race, or mental ability.

Mind&Melody a 501(c)3 for-impact organization was born out of passion to bring one of humanity’s greatest gifts: music, to individuals with neurological impairments while engaging young people in the process.

In 2014, Co-Founders Cristina Rodriguez and Lauren Koff partnered with the FAU Memory & Wellness Center and began their journey.

“One of our dearest memories is of David, a professional violinist who stopped playing due to his dementia. He usually sat quietly, withdrawn, with a blank stare. One day, we put a viola in his hands and encouraged him to play alongside another violinist and he lit up completely, smiling ear to ear. A smile we had never seen before. That’s when we realized we wanted to dedicate our lives to Mind&Melody,” Rodriguez said.

Alzheimer's not only steals memories from our loved ones; it steals their personality, humor, independence and eventually it steals them from us altogether.

According to Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs, there are more than 500,000 people with Alzheimer’s in Florida. There is no cure but there is still hope to improve the quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer's. 

Born 1930 in Perth Scotland, Alexandra would have been described as bright, assertive and capable. Alexandra was a former member of the Royal Air Force during the Cold War and later in life became the Vice President of Royal Caribbean Cruises. By 2006, Alexandra had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. A disease that has deteriorated her physical and mental health.

One of Alexandra’s caretakers heard an interview of Cristina on the radio and told Sandra about Mind&Melody. Sandra, Alexandra’s sister-in-law, quickly arranged for her to visit Alexandra to see if they could provide help.

“Alexandra seemed to interact from the start by tapping her feet. This was totally unexpected,” Sandra Said.

Alexandra has Mind&Melody sessions 3 times per week for 1 hour. Estefania, a Mind&Melody Session Leader, sings and plays the piano for Alexandra and the caretakers participate with maracas while dancing and clapping to Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn and Scottish folk music.

During the sessions Alexandra puts words together, shows awareness: “I asked Alexandra a question: Alexandra, do you love me? She looked at me, she was thinking and she said: Yes, I love you. That was awesome because she understood what I was asking her and also said it with her heart.” Estefania said.

“My husband and I have been shown that here is still something positive going on in Alexandra’s brain. We had all become used to thinking of her as a person with dementia, unable to communicate or appreciate what is happening around her. I think one of the most significant improvements in her life are the music sessions,” Sandra said. 

Mind&Melody creates transformative music experiences for over 1000 older adults in over 40 health care facilities and at the comfort of individuals’ homes in South Florida.
Contact Mind&Melody at 305-582-1006, email or go to

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Healthgrades names 'America's Best Hospitals' 2019 Print E-mail
Written by FHInews   
Friday, 15 February 2019 17:31
Healthgrades released its annual "America's Best Hospitals" list on Feb. 12. Recipients named among the 250 best hospitals represent the top 5 percent of hospitals in the nation. Healthgrades America's Best Hospitals™ is based solely on clinical quality outcomes for 32 conditions and procedures.

"This premier distinction rewards hospitals that consistently exhibit exceptional, comprehensive quality care," according to Healthgrades. "Simply put, patients are more likely to have a successful treatment without major complications-and have a lower chance of dying-at America's Best Hospitals."

See the full list HERE.
Last Updated on Friday, 15 February 2019 17:33
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