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Smart Pen Secret is Out! Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Herschler   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 09:45


smartpenHaving just hit the market in ’08, the Smart Pen is one of the best kept secrets in the tech world. It’s doubtful it will remain a secret for long. Like the Smart Phone, the Smart Pen is sure to catch fire once the general public learns of this versatile tool. This intelligent device works with special dot paper. Microdots in the paper allow the pen to record data via a tiny camera in the stylus tip. Special controls at the bottom of each page of the smart paper enable the user to navigate the various features of the pen which include audio playback and translation to various languages including French, German, Spanish and Japanese. The Smart Pen has countless applications, some of which have yet to be invented. "Applications to the healthcare industry will be profound" say Albert Santalo, CEO of CareCloud, a healthcare technology company based in Miami. A typical medical practice spends thousands of dollars and hours each year completing superbills, a charge sheet used to select the procedures and diagnosis codes that apply to the patient’s appointment, and then having a data entry clerk or transcriptionist input the data manually into the computerized billing system. The Smart Pen will streamline the process into seamless efficiency as the Smart Phone will download the data to the computer automatically via a USB port. Cost efficiencies will be realized and better healthcare will be achieved since human error will be minimized by the automated process. "And the best thing of all" says Santalo "practitioners don’t need to change their behavior. They complete the superbill with pen and paper and hand it off to their administrator just like they have for the past 50 years."

Smart Pen Video

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Veteran Ad Man Launches Marketing Firm to Serve Healthcare Clients Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Herschler   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:00

Following the mantra of his old marketing professor at the University of Maryland, Jeff Herschler has found a need and filled it.  On January 4th, Mr. Herschler introduced FHIcommunications, a firm devoted to addressing the marketing needs of Florida's healthcare companies. 

"In my role as Advertising Director at Florida Medical Business, I constantly run across health professionals who need marketing support that goes beyond traditional print advertising," Mr. Herschler stated.  "My marketing professor from my college days would be proud" he went on to say. Then he added "FHIcommunications is quite simply an entrepreneurial response to demand in the marketplace."

FHIcommunications will address the marketing needs of Florida's Health Industry in five key areas:

·         Digital Branding

·         Media Planning/Media Buying

·         E-mail/Direct Mail Campaigns

·         Market Research/Surveys

·         Event Planning, Marketing and Production

The firm will also produce a weekly E-mail Newsletter and content rich Website.  "FHIcommunications is all about connecting the various stakeholders in Florida's Health Industry" Mr. Herschler noted.  "The digital components will keep Physicians, Hospital Executives, Group Practice Administrators, Ancillary Facility Owners, Pharmaceutical Representatives, Medical Device Manufacturers and Insurers connected to and informed about Florida's fast changing healthcare environment" he added.

For more information about FHIcommunications, please contact:

Jeff Herschler
305.299.3937 or

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