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Written by Michael Joseph Newhouse   
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:29

For Crying Out Loud!


If one was to receive a message from the future, say twenty years from now, describing the national scene, circa 2030, one would be totally incredulous. Here's a snippet:

We can no longer afford entitlements, diabetes threatens national security, USA is bankrupt and a war is fought on four fronts if one includes Mexico.

All signs point to the classical model of an empire in rapid decline. See video feature entitled Why Great Nations Fail.

How we got here isn't important. What is important is how we are going to get back to prosperity. Here's my plan:

  • No more career politicians. They are dinosaurs. Therefore, term limits on everybody. Every one of these public servants needs to go back into the private sector eventually.
  • No more salaries for these politicians once they are out of office.
  • No more special health plans or other little goodies for them. They serve the people let them be one of the people. Use the same health plans as the rest of us.
  • Simplify the tax code. For example, GE made $5B profit last year and didn't pay a single dollar in taxes! [Editor's note:  This was originally reported in the New York Times.  Since then has reported that GE did indeed pay taxes in 2010.  Fortune estimates GE's effective tax rate at 7%.  See the story The Truth About GE's Tax Bill.] Yet the CEO believes it's patriotic to pay taxes and off shore American jobs. How much did you pay Uncle Sam?
  • US announces to the world that our rules of engagement are reverting back to pre WWII standards so no body better mess with us, our buddies or our national interests. No such thing as civilized warfare. The gloves are off.
  • Everybody that is overweight (i.e. pre diabetes type I and II) must have a comprehensive plan to get in shape and it is incentivized by taxes.
  • Incentivize employers to create jobs.
  • Pull back manufacturing jobs to the US.
  • Allow health insurance across state lines.
  • Bring back all US military bases that are no longer necessary
  • Have all politicians sign the Mount Vernon pledge.
  • Require all politicians to post a weekly and quarterly productivity  report on their time spent, with whom and for what objective along with corresponding expenses and variance report on their operating and capital budgets just like the rest of us.
  • All lobbyists must report weekly and quarterly just like the politicians.
  • Government health programs must send volume to the best value provider; no more sweetheart deals. 

We can no longer afford business as usual. We have come to the perennial fork in the road. And for crying out loud, please remember our government works best when neither party is in control.

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