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What Is the Best Way to Deliver Bad News? Print E-mail
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Monday, 08 May 2017 17:28

Andrea Eisenberg, MD, in a 5.2.17 KevinMD post, reflects on the dilemma faced by many doctors on an all too frequent basis:

Is there a right way to give bad news? When I get a patient's pathology report of breast cancer on a Friday afternoon, should I wait until Monday to call her to let her have one more weekend cancer "free?" What if I do call and I'm transferred to voicemail? Do I leave a message to call me back? The office may be closed when she returns the call. Then she is left to ruminate over the weekend.
When I get the pathology results from a surgery, and it shows cancer, do I wait until their post op visit to tell them in person or call right away? If I tell my staff to make her appointment sooner, won't she guess it is because I have bad news?

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