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Two Cheers for Medical Paternalism Print E-mail
Written by Bill Gardner | The Incidental Economist   
Friday, 04 September 2015 17:19

In the NEJM, Lisa Rosenbaum looks at communication between doctors and patients and, as she has before, suggests that real clinical practice is more complex than orthodox bioethics makes it out to be. Discussing cases, including her own, she asks

Might there, in fact, be such a thing in medicine as
Too Much Information?

a view which she attributes to our received understanding of informed consent.

Instead, Rosenbaum argues for a kind of paternalism, in which patients rest in a cognitive and emotional dependence on physicians. She's getting something right, but it's critical to get clear on what kind of paternalism we might accept.

Let's start with informed consent to treatment. Roughly, we have informed consent to medical treatment when a competent patient...

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